Donations to Prison Letter of Thanks (1)

11 September 2006
Teachers without Borders
P/a Engela Pienaar
Vaal University of Technology
Private Bag X021
South Africa
Dear Sir Re: Computers for Africa
There are no words that can be used when we took possession of your
generous contribution and handed them over to youths at the Odi
Correction Centre in the North West Province. This has come about Engela
Pienaar nominating this Centre for the donation of computers. Her
dedication and involvement in the uplifting of students out of all
communities is exemplary and note worthy.
This is a centre primarily for youth offenders out of the previous
disadvantaged communities. The Centre was abuzz with the news of a
computer centre for the previous few months when waiting in anticipation
for the computers. There where no less than 250 applications from
interested students wanting to learn basic computer skills.
The Centre has made a dedicated classroom available and a six weeks
training program will be run from February to November of each year.
Know that this is a first at this centre and only made possible through
your donation.
With fingers touching computer keyboards in awe, the first 15 students
started with their computer skills training. Excited chatter had to be
subdued with smiles as excitement ruled the first day at class. Know
that there is an overwhelming interest in acquiring these basic skills
and assisting them in their successful reintegration back into society.
We will on a continuous basis keep you informed of their progress and
the growth from strength to strength of the newly founded computer media
centre made possible through Computers for South Africa / Teachers
without Borders under the auspices of Mr Yunus Peer. New programmes
will be in place as from January 2007 and great emphasis is placed on
computer skills for the Educational Centre of the ODi Correctional
Services Centre. There will also be participation from the community in
presenting computer skills for the first time at this Centre and this
opportunity allows a whole new venture to people outside the prison as
well as improving the lives of our people within the prison. This
provides them with an opportunity to become better people and not bitter
people – together we build a more positive future for our beloved
On behalf of all these students and all future students, we thank you
for a dream come true and making it possible to change and correct young
lives in acquiring a new life skill.
Robert Jooste
On behalf of ODi Correctional Services
Thuto – Phetogo Learning Centre
Educational Department
Private Bag x515
Mabopane 0190