Request a Donation of Computers from Us

Due to a large backlog of requests, we are not able currently to accommodate any more donation requests.

We want to help as many organizations succeed as possible, but at any given time, we typically have a sizable backlog of requests. It will help if your organization has:

  • A clearly defined mission/purpose for the computers
  • A well-put-together proposal that shows commitment, effort, and seriousness
  • A good reputation, with credible sources that can vouch for you
  • An area of focus (geographic, social, etc) with clear and demonstrable need
  • IT staff or individuals that may be able to support the computers
  • Good communication with our team so we can establish a sustainable relationship

The above qualities are not necessary to request computers, but can help your organization stand out when we are prioritizing our donations.

Some other things to know

  • Being a student group, we are not able to cover the cost of shipping computers. Generally, groups requesting computers will cover the cost of shipping. Inside of the United States, many commercial shipping companies do offer free shipping to not-for-profit corporations.
  • As a general policy, we donate to only organizations and not to individuals.
  • Due to a large demand and limited supply of computers, we typically cap our first donation at 20 computers.
  • Because we are a student organization, requests submitted during the academic year will be evaluated more quickly than those submitted during the summer. Currently, all requests submitted in the summer will not be considered until fall.