Donate Computers or Equipment to Us

We are always very happy to accept because we can turn them around and put them to good use for a good cause. We frequently receive donations from Cornell University departments, labs, individuals, libraries, independent groups and a lot of other organizations. The CCRA is an excellent way to:

  • Support a good cause, increase computer literacy around the globe and put older machines to new use
  • Save $$$ on the cost of recycling or throwing away older equipment
  • Get rid of computers or equipment you no longer use or don’t have space for anymore

Things we are very happy to accept

  • Desktop computers and laptop computers (very high demand but low supply!) that have at least one of the older versions of the Intel Core microarchitecture or similar generation hardware from ~2006 on. Note that we may also take some Pentium IV and similar machines depending on the specifications (newer = more likely, older = less likely). For Apple computers, we accept anything that has been manufactured since Apple’s switch to Intel processors from PowerPC.
  • LCD monitors of any size (high demand and harder to find!)
  • Mice, keyboards, hard drives (40GB+), USB sticks, peripherals
  • Some other hardware such as scanners, printers, etc. (these depend on a lot of factors)

Things we do not accept

  • Really old computers and equipment that is well past modern use (usually defined as Pentium IV and older)
  • CRT monitors (too heavy, hazardous materials, a problem for techno-dumping)
  • Very large items like office copiers, huge fax machines etc.

If you are unsure whether your item is acceptable or not, please ask.

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