Meeting Summary – 9/18/12 and photos!

We met at 5:00pm in Rice Hall 305, received a new donation of over 20 computers and monitors and discussed the implementation of our current donations queue. We expect to be fulfilling two new requests in the coming week or so as our processing ability ramps up. We are also working on one very large request to complete this semester.
The computers for C2C Pals shipped successfully today and congratulations to all that were involved. These computers are on their way to Roatan, Honduras and we will hear about their impact shortly.
We also had a guest at our meeting, Mr. Mike Roman from the LEPP Group at Cornell. Mr. Roman spoke about his donation request to a sister church in New Orleans that will train youth in important job skills. This church previously had the ability to do so but was compromised by Hurricane Katrina and no longer has the funds to purchase new computers and train young adults in employable skills.
Our next meeting will be at the standard time, 5:00pm on Tuesday 9/25 location TBA.

Meeting Summary – 9/11/2012

We met today and went over the priority of donations we have been fielding requests for as well as sorted out some issues over projects we’ve already worked on. We are currently fielding requests for a large number of computers and hope to successfully complete them all. Shipping details are the major complication with most donations.
We resolved that the standard meeting time will be 5:00pm on Tuesdays with organizational meetings taking place in central locations around campus and all computer-related meetings in our room in Rice Hall.
Thanks for all who came to the meeting and see everyone again soon!

Meeting Summary – 9/4/2012

We met on Tuesday evening at 5pm in Rice and:

  • unloaded 40 new computers that we will be donating very shortly to organizations
  • showed new members our processing and storage space
  • talked about our goals and a few projects

Mike is currently working on streamlining out new refurbishing/processing method with new members.
At the next meeting, we’ll go over all of the donations that have been requested and prioritize them.

First Meeting Summary, Details for Packing Party/Next Meeting

Dear Cornell Computer Reuse Association friends,
It was really great to see so many of you at Trillium for the first meeting today. I’m hoping at least a few of you are really excited about the opportunity the CCRA represents and the things we’re up to this semester. If you were interested in seeing our computer room or learning about processing and haven’t already contacted Mike (our VP and head technical wizard) already, send him an email at mgn29 at cornell dot edu.
The next meeting will be next Tuesday (9/4) at 5:00pm in the conference room on the third floor of Rice Hall. A map of Rice hall is here for those of you new Cornellians: This meeting will likely be a packing party and will definitely be a tour of our computers and room so don’t miss out! AIESEC is also making us home-baked goods which I can confirm are delicious! If you can’t make this meeting, get lost or have any questions or comments don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our older members.
For those of you who couldn’t make the first meeting and who emailed me asking about what we did, don’t worry and put your thoughts and energy into the second meeting. Here are some brief minutes to help you get caught up:

  • Introductions, met new members, Al (our faculty adviser) introduced himself and talked about the club
  • Went over travel opportunities, big donations we’ve done in the past, our huge involvement on campus
  • Talked about positions that are immediately available for new members, asked new members about their interests and goals
  • Discussed some technical questions with those who asked
  • Discussed our next meeting

Thanks again for coming today and see you all soon!

Minutes (5/2/12)

Wrap up reimbursement from our Bahamas Trips
Meeting with the Public Service Center (2 PM Monday)
Giving computers to New Roots, come help us get everything ready! (4:30 PM Tuesday)

  • President: Will Najar
  • Head Processing Chair/Vice President: Michael Nazario
  • Publicity Chair: Amy Allen
  • Treasurer: Jason Wang (Fall), Alex Huang (Spring)
  • Secretary: Jason Wang
  • Club Mascot: Kelly Chan

Minutes (4/19/2012)

Yale Conference was a success!
Possible trip to Liberia next year.
Contact previous places in Liberia.
Check computers on Friday for packing.
Packing party on Sunday night for Teach for America?
Elections in 2 weeks.
Here is the form for applying:

Minutes (4/11/2012)

Thanks Vinny Laddha for the help with processing!
Website has been updated with images. Check out our images from the Bahamas and our new formatted website.
Also remember to pay back people for Bahamas trip.
Need to change presentation for Yale Association for African Peace and Development conference ( this weekend.
Need more SATA Cables. Some of the computers are missing SATA cables.
Find Vista CD for processing. We should clearly label installation CDs and write down instructions on how to use.
End of semester sprint.
Note to Al: Order boxes for shipments.
Possible questionnaire for what the computers are being used for, etc.
Henry: Need contact information for internet connection in Rice Hall.
Al: Contact GIAC / Computer All Stars for next Fall
Need to remove CRTs from David’s Attic.
Earth Day tabling?
Elections coming up soon.
Plan outreach events next year early.
Next meeting on Thursday. All other meetings will be Wednesday.