End of the Year Wrap-up

Congratulations to our new officers!

  • President: Amy Allen
  • Vice President/Processing Chair: Lushima Lumumba-Kasongo
  • Treasurer: Max Ke
  • Publicity Chair: Ruth-Anne Langan

Good luck next year!
Also here’s an update of recent news:

  • 25 Desktops were donated to the Columbus House Orphanage for Boys and Girls in Grand Bahama!
  • 50 Desktops were donated to South Africa to various schools in conjunction with Teachers Across Borders! These computers will serve over 1000 students!
  • 50 Desktops will be packed and donated to schools in Ghana. Packing will start tomorrow (5/22) at 5pm if anyone is still in town.
  • Father Abue, who runs an orphanage in Nigeria that we’ve donated computers to in the past, visited Al this week. Using CCRA comptuers, he’s set up a computer school along side the orphanage and showed us a couple of pictures. Check them out in our gallery under the “Orphange in Nigeria” album!
  • Some CCRA members will be travelling to Zambia in a couple of weeks. Each of us will bring along a laptop or two that we shall be donating to various schools/orphanages/community centers that we will visit there.