Donation Update 10/16/2012

We’ve done a lot of hard work so far this semester and have a lot more to do! Here is a brief outline of the projects we’ve done so far this semester and a hint at what we might have ahead of us. This summary is subject to change in future updates.
Greater Ithaca Activities Center (GIAC) [Complete]
Purpose of donation: computers will be used to support educational and recreational programs at the GIAC center for the Ithaca community.
Computers given: 4 total units, Dell desktops
Roatán, Honduras in collaboration with C2C Pals and Brain Spaces [Complete]
Purpose of donation: computers will be used at a library and e-learning center for students on the island of Roatan teaching young and adult students.
Computers given: 16 total units, Dell desktops
HoHoe, Ghana in collaboration with Care Net Ghana and AIESEC [Complete]
Purpose of donation: computers will be used to teach junior and senior high student computer skills in a safe environment and promote technology literacy in West Africa.
Computers given: 15 total units, Dell desktops
New Orleans, LA (St. John’s #5 Faith Church) in collaboration with St. John’s of Ithaca [Packing Party Planned]
Purpose of donation: computers will be used training at-risk youth in employable skills/replacing units destroyed by Hurricane Katrina.
Natal, SA in collaboration with Teachers Without Borders – South Africa [PENDING]
Purpose of donation: computers will be installed in school serving over 4,000 students and further technology literacy and educational opportunities for those who would otherwise not have access to them.
Sanniquellie, Liberia in collaboration with the Mario Einaudi Center for International Studies [PENDING]
Purpose of donation: support educational initiatives at Nimba College as well as staff, build upon success of initial donation in 2011
Santa Fe, NM (Pueblo Indians) in collaboration with local tribal centers [PENDING]
Purpose of donation: computers will be used in a community center to help Pueblo children prepare to move on to post-secondary education at schools like Cornell
Kenya and Southern Sudan in collaboration with the Grow Biointensive Agriculture Center of Kenya (G-BIACK) [PENDING]
Purpose of donation: computers will be used to coordinate agricultural learning efforts to eradicate poverty and improve the living standard of the resource poor communities through sustainable agriculture.
Sweetings Cay, Grand Bahamas in collaboration with Joe Kohler, Hotel ‘71 [PENDING]
Website: (see Freeport News articles)
Purpose of donation: further mission of placing computers in Grand Bahamian schools after our efforts last year, support the amalgamation of current schools.

Visit from Art Groos and Meeting Summary – 10/16/12

We had a great visit from Art Groos, Avalon Foundation Professor in the Humanities, today and went over important items on our agenda. Mr. Groos spoke to us about a project donating computers to get Pueblo Indian students in New Mexico access to the computers they desperately need to further their educational opportunities and apply for post-secondary education. Pending certain details, we will likely be taking on this project in the near future. Thank you, Art, for coming out and joining us today. We also showed Mr. Groos our space in Rice Hall where we store and process computers.

Additionally, we discussed the order of our projects once again and set plans for our next processing and packing parties. These events will occur on Friday 10/19 and Tuesday 10/23, in collaboration with St. John’s church of Ithaca and Mike Roman.

Conference at Greek Peak with Joe Kohler '71

The CCRA went to Greek Peak on Saturday 10/13 to conference with longtime CCRA supporter and member Joe Kohler ’71. We talked about our plans for the semester, discussed a new project in the Grand Bahamas and enjoyed lunch at Greek Peak’s fall kickoff event.

Many thanks to Joe for hosting us, Al Kryger, President of Peak Resorts, Inc., for allowing us to use Greek Peak’s conference facilities and all of the members who came!

Successful Donation! Ghana Packing Party

On Tuesday 10/2 we had our first packing party of the year and a very successful one at that! Over 15 members and volunteers came out and helped to prepare + pack computers for a community center in Hohoe, Ghana in collaboration with AIESEC at Cornell. The computers will be installed at a center run by a local NGO called Care Net Ghana will be used to teach junior and senior high students computer skills.
Coming off homecoming, we had a good playlist bumping including some Avicii to motivate us (sorry grad students downstairs), delicious raspberry cake + cookies courtesy of Margo Jacobsen and we ordered a bunch of pizza from Ned’s Pizza when it was dinner time. We packed clothes in with the shipment to increase the impact of our donation and managed to fit everything in professionally, efficiently and smoothly. This was the most fun, the most efficient and likely one of the best packing parties we’ve had. A big congratulations and thank you to everyone who took part.

In total we packed up 15 computers and all the monitors, keyboards, cables, power cords, mice and accessories to go along with them. These computers were driven by Margo Jacobsen to New York City the following weekend where they were put into a shipping container with Kuwait Shipping and are now off to Ghana! More news to come from this donation in the near future.
We did not met this week (week of 10/7) due to Fall Break and our next meeting will be 10/16 at 5:00pm in Rice Hall 305, as usual.
Playlist from the event: