CCRA Minutes 11/18/10

Upcoming Cameroon Shipment – 30 Desktops
Phillipines Shipment – 10 Laptops
Lan Party on 12/4 – Look into getting donated Pizza
Newsletter needs to be finished
Look into a new room before next semester
Finish Grant
Create a ONE challenge for CCRA related activities

CCRA Minutes 11/11/10

  • Samatar is resigning from treasurer.
  • Pradeep is the new treasurer for the club.
  • Goal is to finish Cameroon, Haiti, and Philippines shipments by the end of the semester so work hard on processing
  • LAN party scheduled for Dec 4. (look into getting someone to donate us some food)
  • Look into getting a new room

CCRA Minutes 11/4/10

  • Need to finish news letter
  • Need to start on One Blog post
  • Do we need to elect a new publicity chair?
  • Proposal: buy some DVDs to include in shipments, these disks can be loaded with useful files/applications inexpensively: approved
  • Need to obtain legal advice before finalizing our non-profit application
  • Plan another LAN party for the end of the semester (Dec 4?)
  • If you have recently joined the club and are an active member, please email to be added to our internal listserv

Computer Processing:

  • Need to start processing again, some big shipments coming up
  • Cameroon (up to 30 desktops) and Philippines (10 laptops)
  • Need monitor power adapters for Haiti, will cost about $200
  • Have a few small requests that must be followed up on
  • Henry has made a new processing disk, processing should be faster now
  • Contact Henry if you want to be a processor