CCRA Minutes 9/23/10

Tentative LAN Party on October 15th
Future Projects:
Dewitt Middle School: 10 laptops
GIAC: 5 desktops
Haiti: 15 laptops
Search for new room
Looking for grants

CCRA Minutes 9/16/10

Packing for the Sudan shipment is done. Should be shipping tomorrow.
Next shipments in order of priority:
If you need card access to Bradfield, email Jason Wang with your net ID and CU ID (the 8 digit number).
Our next LAN party is tentatively planned for October 16th.
Contact Guatemala shipment
Samatar: Look into grants and reimburse Al and Henry.

CCRA Minutes 9/2/10

The next meeting for the CCRA will take place in Bradfield 701. We will be introducing new members to the processing room and reorganizing the room in the process.
Also, the shipment to the Bahamas is packed and ready to ship.