CCRA Minutes 4/29

– 7 good laptops (not including ones that are going to Muna)
– 2 need Linux
– 15 are 2 hrs of labor away to working (going to be donated)
– 12 are only good for scrap
– 3 that we sent through Muna via US Post made it
– no idea how many desktops are processed, close to 0
– email Torli if he will accept CRTs
– Cayuga Nature Center: 3 desktops w/ monitors, ask if they can get CRTs and unprocessed
– Boston shipment, Torli Krua, 10 desktops, ask if he is willing to take CRTs and unprocessed comps.
– Waiting for Bahamas shipment, already boxed and will only get laptops from Mann
– Haiti is enormous, politically. Need as many computers as possible, 50 is the goal. We have desktops, no monitors. CCRA, CULibrary, Haitian Student Association will be involved
– Central HR/Diversity has said they can raise money and provide the monitors.
– Can get it up by end of the summer.
– All for the University of Haiti by August
– Cornell project, perfectly good, need shipping money: 50 comps, 50 boxes 20x20x20 weighing 50 lbs each
– Liberia wants another 50 in July, not gonna happen unless we have monitors
– New Orleans: 5-6 desktops, Al get the quote!
– 20 computers to Cameroon, want them processed but CRTs are OK, want them in June
– More laptops for Muna

CCRA Minutes 4/8/10

Ice Cream Social
– Next Friday 4/16 at 4pm
– Kevin’s house?
– Combine meeting and social, so no meeting next Thursday
– Can bring friends
– Ice cream from Dairy Bar
– Bahamas is next
– Al need to confirm shipments
– We have a bunch of computers
– Give our extras to Finger Lakes Reuse, ask Al to transport them
– Week after next week, have meeting to give stuff to Al
– 10 desktops/monitors and printers for refugees in Boston, need details on how he will transport
Earth Day
– Still need poster/banner, decide what will be on it
– new logo finalized
– Quartercards need new logo

CCRA Minutes 4/1

Ice cream social next week
– Next Friday? around 9
– Celebrate a successful semester
New Logo
– Keep it simple
– Have something related to CCRA
– a poster is being made for Earth Day
Will be receiving new laptops and monitors soon
Mid-City Ministries – they have requested a shipping quote
Parfait’s request – will take a couple more months
new Haiti project? – if we find a place to donate to, we will likely get funding
To reiterate, we do not donate to individuals for personal use.