CCRA Minutes 3/18

Univ. of Liberia Shipment
– Made it despite the some problems along the way
Philippines Shipment
– Not being considered until the form gets filled out
New Orleans Shipment
– Al: get the quote
Haiti Shipment
– The Cornell HR dept. and the Haitian Student Association is buzzing about this
– Could expect movement in about a month, which is ridiculously fast
Earth Day
– No to info session, turnout might be an issue
– How about a banner? Some taglines: CCRA: 3.5 years, 1000 computers, all hustle
– Some numbers poster
– Need quartercards
– Sell shirts?
– Bradfield now filled up again
– Printers will probably go to Finger Lakes Reuse

CCRA Minutes 03/11

Computer Requests:

Univ. of Liberia
– packing tomorrow at 1:30 PM!
– never ended up packing today
Libraries Without Borders – want Cornell Library’s computers for rebuilding Haiti’s libraries.
Requests from Mombasa, Kenya??
– The first one was shot down, I’ll ask for more details for the second one.
– Suspect it’s the same guy
MidCity Ministries, New Orleans
– Will commit 6 computers/monitors to them.
– Al: get quotes.
Global Youth Concept (Philippines) – asked the requester to fill out a form.
Parfait’s IFORD program (funded through Denton Program) – will promise 30 computers
LAN Party:
– made $60
– about half filled at the peak of the night
– let’s think about another idea for fundraiser
– get gym class heroes?
– Spreadsheet of donations has been updated with all the committed ones

CCRA Minutes 03/04

LAN Party
– xbox 360: liz lee can bring madden, halo 3,
– wii: rock band, mike nazario
– set up time, 7:30 PM
– exit poll: how to retain customers?
– tf2
– nastro: wegman’s cans 20pk
– joel and nastro has discs, nastro bring speakers and ipod
– mike & dave: bring rock band and wii
– shoot emails to places for free space, not bradfield
– abbrey = decline
Earth Day
– We’re tabling