CCRA minutes 02/25

1. LAN party moved to NEXT Saturday. March 6th.
– Might add TF2 for PC to games
– COD: MW2 for 360?
2. Where should our laptops go?
– Our current laptops have already been promised Muna.
– New request for laptops? Need more info from group.
3. New donation received, 7 computers, need to pickup ASAP
– Tomorrow at 4pm, Day Hall, B12
4. Processors still need card access and keys, please contact Ben.
5. Pepsi Refresh Project:
– Apply for March?
– Need to choose project, Kenya? Ghana?

CCRA minutes 02/18

1. LAN Party for Liberia:
– Facebook group will be up soon
– Need to clear Stimson, Ives; UUP form
– Need to order some blank DVD’s and make new master disks for games
– Kevin: Spam the listservs for game suggestions!
– Make a flyer for LAN
– Please look for an xbox360 to bring to lan
2. Donations:
– For now, focus on University of Liberia, 50 PC’s going out on Monday
– Other donation requests may need to be put on hold for the next couple of months
3. Pepsi Refresh Project- apply when contest restarts? Submit application March 1st.
4. Need to complete non-profit status application. Ben’s got some new apprentices for this.
5. Add responsible computer recycling information to website (link to Dell).

CCRA minutes 02/11

1. LAN:
– get local sponsors? No new ideas
– alternate/spill-over location – likely Ives, need to clear it for the LAN
Kevin: Can you send out a poll to past LAN attendees asking for requests for new games
2. ITRA – need volunteer to work with Ben, this will be a new officer position
3. Meeting next week at Bradfield at our regular time; need to get an inventory of what we have and clean up
4. Contact Digital Gaming Alliance about partnering at LAN
5. New recruits for computer processing need and card access

CCRA minutes 02/04

1. New shipment to Liberia went out today, 50 PC’s, monitors, and mice/keyboards!
2. Meet up with Cornell Global Solutions, would like about 10-20 computers and a few laptops, will contact us again when they have shipping worked out
3. Sustainability planning meeting, next Tuesday at 4:30pm
4. LAN Party

  • Contact local businesses for donations? Starbucks, Wegmans, CTB, Domino’s?
  • Location? Need a bigger place or a spillover room. Ives?
  • New games? Should ask past LAN attendees.

5. Send emails to various departments asking if they have computers to donate
6. Need more processors, get in touch with Henry (hhh43) if you want to help!