CCRA minutes 1/27/2010

Here’s the minutes from the last meeting. Note that the meeting time has changed to Thursdays at 5pm.
Two big shipments:

  • Done through Prof. Muna Ndulo, Institute for African Development.
  • Cornell is paying for shipping (we’re piggybacking on the plant science program in Africa) and this is heading to University of Liberia and and literacy program for woman.
  • No packing! All we do is show up on Monday. They want CRTs and we’ll give them 40 computers to start with.
  • We need a good PR coverage and have to reach out to the Ithaca Journal, Cornell Daily Sun, etc.


  • Done through David. This is sustainable; David already has an NGO set up for computer labs, and has a grant lined up. Shipment is riding on a Cornell vehicle.
  • They need flat screens (fewer boxes) and wants them in April.
  • There’s a national project to wire the country with internet, but no computers to hook up to!
  • PS If you want to see Africa, fly to Nairobi, all expenses are paid when you get there.

Other shipments on our radar:

  • Prof. Ndulo again, need to send a bunch of laptops every so often.

Finger Lakes Reuse

  • Opening up a retail store,
  • Should give them Macs, printers, anything we can’t toss.
  • They need volunteers for processing.
  • Babbage’s, Computer All Stars are involved.
  • Local donation.

CCRA stuff:
Next LAN party:

  • What about Dickson and Stimson?
  • VIP lounge in G27, big screen TV
  • Thursdays at 5 for meetings from now on

To Do List:

  • Prepare a Wikipedia DVD for shipments
  • Ship a few hundred computers this semester
  • Colonize other schools
  • Need motherboard and CPU for a GX280
  • Nastro: update gdocs shipments to say “gave literacy center in monrovia 10 computers”
  • We got an awesome free laser printer, now what do we do with it?