CCRA Minutes 11/17

1. Successfully reorganized room in Bradfield last week
2. Requests:
– Cornell fluid Dynamics: 1 computer, ready
– Muna Ndulo: OK, need to find 2 laptops
– Philippines shipment: 12 PC’s, OK, waiting for reply
– New Orleans Midcity Ministries: 6, ready, waiting for shipping info
– Holland International Living Center: 4 computers, ready
– Cornell Global Solutions to Sudan: 10-20 computers, OK, don’t have some software
– Parfait/Cameroon: 20 PC’s, ready, waiting for shipping info
Americorps paralegal: 5 PC’s, Henry tell us when ready so we can arrange a pickup
3. Fingerlakes Reuse coming next week

CCRA Minutes 11/03

1. Should be ready to fulfill Baja SAE request by next Monday
2. New Request: Mid-City ministries from New Orleans, looking for 6 PC’s
3. Need CCRA or ITRA EIN, we should meet up to get the paper work done
4. Another LAN party the weekend before Thanksgiving
5. Meeting at Bradfield next week if Al is available