CCRA minutes 9/22/09

1. Grants for shipments to west Africa should be ready soon.
2. Last week’s computer salvaging was a success. Thanks to those who came. May do againĀ  next week in Bradfield.
3. Shipment to Nigeria should go out this week, need to pack 10 more computers -> Packing party tomorrow, Wed., at 5pm at Bradfield.
4. LAN party date set to 10/17, tell your friends!
5. Request from Cornell Baja, 3 PC’s and a laptop, can be fulfilled quickly.
6. Need to work on tax exempt status and organizing the pursuit of grants.

CCRA minutes 9/8/09

1. Inventory: 13 processed GX280’s
2. President Dennis meeting pushed back, maybe to December
2. Assign representatives for the different colleges? People who want to do grants?
4. Packing party this Saturday 9/12 @3pm, in Bradfield 701, meet at the loading dock at the back side of the building
5. Meeting in Upson B06 (across from computer lab) next week at our regular meeting time to take apart computers and salvage drives
6. Tentative date for LAN party – 10/17?

CCRA minutes 9/1/09

1. Introduction to CCRA
2. Proposed idea to assign representatives to each of Cornell’s colleges to work on acquiring new sources of computer donations.
3. Work on forming a group to pursue grants/fundraising
3. New requests/developments:

– Brazil request, in Portuguese; will examine further
– University of Liberia: 200 computers, grant money will pay for shipping, perhaps send a large initial batch
– Kenya: 8 PC’s and 2 laptops, will pay for shipping; will examine further
– Nigeria Orphanage
– Spanning Tree, will send communications
– ONE for publicity
– Catholic Dioces of Damongo: 15-20 laptops, need to investigate funding
– Bev. Martin Elementary: local
– TADDA: Boston group to send to Liberia (Young Liberia program) 20-25 energy efficient computers, have shipping
– Boarding schools in Nepal: unknown on how many computers needed, don’t have shipping money, will investigate
– Chharai Nepal: can start with 1-2 computers, program to teach children and single mothers, no shipping
– Nepal Schools: 10 computers and printer
– Minority contractors technical assistance, Schenectady NY, 5 computers, no shipping

4. Need more CD drives, might need to buy