CCRA minutes 4/28 Last meeting of spring '09

1. Signed up for club-fest, watch out for email about it at the end of summer.
2. Shipments:

Cameroon shipment, 20 confirmed, first priority

Jamaican Difference, want 20 desktops for trip in August

BOLD, picking up 4 laptops tommorow

Iraq, going out by the end of the summer, already have computers set aside

OLPC finished

3. New requests:

Fante Professionals, need 30 PC’s, will try to fulfill by the end of summer

 Youth Sailing program, can provide 2PC’s

Indian Writing Program, can provide 1 PC

4. Total donations: about 73 by the end of summer

CCRA minutes 4/21/09 Happy Earth Day!

1. Earth day is tomorrow and we have a table- 10 am to 2 pm on Ho Plaza or Willard Straight (if it rains)

set up begins 9:30

Kevin 9:30 -10:45

Jeremy 11 -12

Ben and Nastro 12 – 1:10

Henry 1:20- 2:30

2. Advertise CCRA on the Class of 2013 website in order to recruit new freshmen.

3. SOAR (we nominated Al as an outstanding advisor) awards are tomorrow at 5 pm at Willard Straight in the theater (basement)- we will find out if Al won.

4. New shipments 

BOLD Business Opportunities Leadership Development – voted and agree to send 4 laptops to them. They will be sending computers to a primary school in Western Kenya that serves 610 elementary school children and it sounds like they are funding their own shipping.

Jamaica Difference- they have tech support and they can pay for shipping, so it’s a go!

5. 2009-2010 new officers

President: Chris Moe (fall), Kevin Tse (spring)

Organizational Chair: Henry Huang and Jeremy Fein

Treasurer: Elizabeth Lee

Publicity Chair: Andrew Nastro

Secretary: Joel Sun

6. Last meeting of the semester is next Tuesday- figure out shipments for BOLD and Jamaica Difference

7. Who will be around this summer? Asad, Matt, Kelly, Dave

Enjoy the nice weather everyone!

CCRA minutes April 14, 2009

All members- please try to make it to the meeting next week for officer elections!
1. can’t guarantee storage space in Bradfield, may try and find space in Plant Science
2. picked up a bunch of computers this week 🙂
3. Earth Day is April 22nd- what do we want to do?
the event lasts from 10 am to 2 pm.
free food?
computer with slides?
poster and newsletters
4. projects for the summer
committed to lucky
prison writers program
~25 processed computers, many more unprocessed
5. 2009-2010 elections next Tuesday
Publicity/ event coordinator
Organizational Chair(s)
Secretary/ Webmaster
Treasurer/ Grant Coordinator
* if you are interested in running for a position next year, please announce your candidacy for the position on the list-serv, and prepare a short blurb or speech for next week.
6. start using the google group more! we will be reorganizing this and cleaning it up in the coming weeks.

Minutes- 4/7/09

New donations to discuss:
Diocese of Damongo- needs laptops, which we are not able to supply right now. Will ask them to see if they have funds for shipping
Jamaica difference- need about 20 desktops to donate to Allen Shaw foundation. Need to inquire about shipping costs and technical support in location where the computers would go.
Request to donate:
-Michael Hood from Bethesda, MD. wants to donate a computer. Need to figure out how it’s going to get here.
-Charity House Party: April 25th. More info. to come
-Decided to add a new question on application regarding availability of requester’s shipping funds.
Elections in two weeks:
-Positions open: President, Treasurer, Secretary, Director of Publicity, Organizational chairs (2), Grants coordinator, Webmaster
-Send an email to the listserv if you are interested in running for any positions.