Minutes- 3/24/09

-Kobina came and talked about the result of our shipment to Ghana last summer in conjunction with the Pan-African Scholars.
-Grants: we have been looking at a couple of grants. We talked about creating a position for searching for grants and other fund sources.
-Donation requests:
– we agreed to the Auburn prison request but we don’t know what they need or when they need it.
– Christian children samaritan Kenya
– Ministry of Education, Bahamas
– Amberations
– JA Farms
– Jesus Cares Orphanage
– Mexico Solidarity Program
– Lala Kenza Primary School, Casablanca, Morocco.
– New Horizon Association for Education and Education, Morocco.
Requests to donate:
Leonard Gross- Trinitron monitor
Terry Ehling- Printer with extra cartridge
Aidan Schwarz- Four older desktops
HILC- Three computers
-Shipment to Kenya is taking off tomorrow