Minutes- 2/24/09

-We need something to ship. All shipments are on hold and we’re running out of space.
-HILC wants to donate computers to us. Three Pentium 4’s.
-We just got 11 hard drives today, probably 10 more tomorrow.
-Decided to fast-track Kenya shipment. (20 computers and monitors to biotech organization, ABNETA, contact person is John Recha). We have funds but no shipper as of yet. We will pack this Saturday, 1:30pm in Bradfield. Call someone if you need to be let in.
-CU Prison education program: surprise visitor- Rachel. She told us that they need 25 desktops and a printer.
-OLPC (one laptop per child) program: $10000 stipend to deliver laptops and train recipients in any African country for 10 weeks. We talked about participating by proposing a project in Zambia.
REMINDER: Packing Party for Kenya this Saturday (2/28) at 1:30pm in Bradfield.

Minutes 2/17/2009

1. Prospect at Whitby (co-op) wants older computer, P4 or higher. Will donate.
2. South Africa – they’re waiting on funding for shipping.
3. Biotech NGO hq’d in Kenya, teaching farmers how to use GMOs, etc. effectively. They said 50, we said 20, they’re working on shipping.
4. Boxes – should we buy in bulk? We can buy standard-size boxes (30×30), if we need larger boxes we can buy them.
5. Revisiting project managers: maybe.
6. Mexico-US Solidarity network. Supervised by Cornell prof., techs on site.
7. Another donation request from Kenya – Samaritank, however, they won’t be able to cover shipping costs.
8. Particle accelerator tour, next Monday (at 3PM).

Minutes 2/10/09

  • Not going to support representative from Kenya trying to start a business (Cyber cafe)
  • Lan party tentatively planned for March 7, getting out posters/promotion early
  • Donating to co-op:
  1. Waiting until we get formal request, decide on Co-op situation
  2. Tentatively deciding on case-by-case basis in the future
  3. Send a friendly “hope your computer is running well, we’re looking for donations of refreshments for our event”
  • Monday, 2/16 3pm: Particle Accelerator tour
  • Next packing party not for a while

Minutes- 2/3/09

Members present: 12
-Anyone who wants to learn how to process computers meet Terence in 701 Bradfield around 2pm tomorrow (2/4)
-LAN Party:
-Who’s bring what: Dave- Wii, controllers, Smash. Rob- xbox360, Halo. Steve- Guitar Hero, xbox controllers, xbox360, Halo.
Al- xbox controllers, madden 09, RCA to mp3 adapter. Rob- xbox360, Halo. Kevin- Rock Band.
-Ask people coming how they heard about it
-Can’t use G27, but we’re using two other classrooms.
-Meet at 7pm to help set up. Need people for later shifts.
-Fundrasier with Irakli. Georgian poet who we donated to. He is willing to help us out with fundraising. More to come during next meeting
-We have enough computers for South Africa, not all are processed yet.
-Decided to commit to Bronx Charter School and Stanford Medical School donation requests. These requests will be fulfilled when we have enough supplies.
That’s all, folks.