Minutes- 1/27/09

Members Present: 14
-Tax-exempt status: we’re filling out 501C forms
-LAN party on Feb 7, 2009
-Still in Stimson G25. Also planning on using two rooms on first floor.
-Need 3 xbox 360’s, a wii, controllers, projectors
-Food: Chips and drinks for free
-Charge for admission: $5, $20 for groups of 5
-Advertisement: poster is made, facebook group, sending emails to listservs
-Games: Rock band, Halo 3, Smash Bros., COD4, Warcraft, Starcraft
-Updated donation requests:
-Teachers without Borders: 60-80 cpu’s only (shipping provided)(already committed to this)
-CU Prison writers: 20 cpu’s + monitors, projectors, 2 laptops (already committed to this)
-Cameroon Education Project: 10 cpu’s + monitors (shipping provided) (already committed to this)
-CU “Ban” Kenya Project: 4 laptops (already committed to this)
-Stanford medical school projects in China, Mexico: 10 cpu’s
-CU Kenya Project: 20 cpu’s
-Iraq CU/Marines: 15 cpu’s
Teachers without Borders is ready to go. Need to find out how many processed computers we have so we can get back to other requests.
-Status of Ghana shipment: Machines have arrived in Ghana, don’t know if they’ve reached the orphanage yet
-Particle accelerator tour: still undecided. fill out the survey
Meeting Adjourned

Minutes- 1/20/09

Welcome back, everybody!
New year, new projects.
-Requests to Donate
-Christopher Dickson, 1 40x CD-RW drive
-Library printers, need more space before we accept these
-Donation requests:
-Auburn Prison
-South Africa (Yunus), older machines
-Labatco Limited, cyber café in Western Province Kenya. Will provide some time for students to use the machines
-Mexico Solidarity Program, need laptops to send to Mayan-indigenous students
-Koinonia Collaborative, may have missed this opportunity since they were going on a trip over winter break
-Manuel Martinez, Martinez Head Start Center in San Antonio, wants computers for his classrooms
-Lucky Gunasekara, Stanford Med. 2 pilot programs, 826 Valencia and Pilot Program in Mexico and China
-Csamaritan children – training HIV/AIDS orphans in Mumias District, western kenya
Top priority projects: Auburn prison, South Africa
Projects we need more resources for: Mexico Solidarity Program, Labatco Limited
-LAN party planning: tentative date will be set after poster is made.
-Attention everyone who wants to process or wants access to our Bradfield office for any reason: contact Ben to get a key.
-Fill out the poll on doodle.com that Ben sent out so we can set a meeting time.
Meeting Adjourned.