Minutes – 11/25/08

1)      LAN Party
a)      We discussed the LAN party last Saturday and a protocol for future LAN parties, but will not have any more this semester.
i)        UUP Form two weeks before
ii)       Spam list serves+ print posters week before
b)      We also probably need to get some new games for the next like Call of Duty 5 and Rockband.
i)        If anyone has access to Rockband for use at next LAN party, email Ben
c)       If anyone is going out on black Friday try to buy some DL-DVDs and cheap headphones
d)      We might try setting up an LAN party on weekday to see if we will have more traffic come in, but it might be risky
e)      We have a report of lost keys from the last LAN Party, if anyone finds them, email ben
2)      Future shipments
a)      We discussed sending additional computer shipments to Iraq and perhaps coordinating the process with the Captain Parment
b)      Might apply to the DENTON program so we can reduce shipping cost.
3)        We will start the application for tax exempt status
4)      Transfer all computers and resources to Bradfield
5)      We are losing the TL office and may loose the storage room, so will apply to Philips in engineering Quad

Minutes- 11/18/08

-Packing Party on Sunday: Failure. We’re going to move the rest of the machines to Alejandro’s office and they’ll take care of the rest of it.
-Storage status: We’re losing the TL office but we’re getting space in Bradfield 701 by Dec 3. We get keys with a $5 deposit.  We’ll have to plan a day for moving all of our stuff from Upson to Bradfield. We could use the van.
-LAN Party: Poster is finished. We need to print and start posting them. We have a $20 gift card we could use as a prize. Ben is going to send out messages to listservs and the people who came last year. Kevin can you make a new poster and send it to Al?
Things people are bringing:

  1. Steve- Halo, Guitar Hero + controllers, 3 xbox controllers
  2. Rob- Wii +controller, Wii sports, xbox 360 +2 controllers, CoD 4, Halo
  3. Al- xbox 360, madden, ncaa football

Dave- can you bring wii controllers and super smash?
Meet at Stimson at 7pm if you want to help install and setup. It starts at 8pm
-Babbage’s is closing. Sustainability movement potentially wants us to merge with them. Babbage’s would take care of local donations and we would cover international shipments. In the short term, Babbage’s is going to give us their leftover machines. We can use these for our shipment to South Africa.
-Iraq shipment went out today!
-We need to start processing some of our donation requests. (Kenya, Cameroon, Sudan, Uganda, Nigeria, Costa Rica, and local requests)

Minutes – 11/11/08

– Bradfield storage space in 7th floor
– Need keys
– Babbage’s is closing. Giving us their P3’s
– Long Windows vs Linux debate… lol
– Ideology vs Practicallity
– ok.. this is starting to get pointless and lame… we need to stop
– Sat packing party maybe?  No time yet
– CESR Tour!!!!!  w00t!!! Pick date in Mid-Jan 9-4pm
– Lan Party on Sat before Thanksgiving
– Poster for CTB.  Doesnt need to be our final poster.
– Library is giving us computers, and department of natural resources

Packing Party!

We will be packing for the Nicaragua shipment this Saturday (11/08/08) at 2:00pm in the basement of Upson Hall.
Hope to see you there!

Minutes- 11/04/08

-Packing party on Saturday, 11/08/08, at 2:00pm in basement of Upson for Nicaragua.
-Decided to push back LAN party to 11/22/08 because it will be easier to plan and it’s after a prelim onslaught. We need posters so if you have any ideas please submit a draft by next week! We’re also going to submit a donation form to Collegetown Bagels so we can get free food.
-Andrew opened a checking account with M&T Bank. No minimum balance, no monthly fee. Our balance is $450.00. We also have $93.00 in cash.
-Ben is meeting with building coordinator of Bradfield to discuss possible storage space.