Minutes – 10/28/08

– Started planning the next LAN Party. Tentative date: November 15th @ 8:00pm G25 Stimson.  We need a few more DVD+RDL’s for master discs.  Advertising should start next week: facebook event, listserv spamming, posters (esp. on north), etc.  Alternative locations? Multiple locations? CUtonight funding: only given to events that are made for at least 250 people.
-Bank account: we should open a checking account. Possibly M&T, maybe WaMu, oh wait…
-MIT contact: A girl wants to start a satellite organization at MIT and begin by sending a shipment to Syria. Need info. about how she’s going to get machines there, how many she needs, etc. before making any decisions.
– Wellesley contact: A girl contacted us interested in starting a similar organization there. Check email for more information.
– CHIRA: need more information on this shipment. (what they want, when, how, etc.)
– TL office: we need to be more considerate when using the office because it’s not technically our space. TL’s get priority in the office. What we need is a permanent storage space. Possible ideas: basement of Stimson, Rhodes Hall, Empty shops in Riley-Robb.
meeting adjourned.

Hello world!

Welcome to the new CCRA website! As of right now it is still a work in progress, but more features are being planned, such as an online form for submitting requests for computers, photo gallery for all our events, calendar, members page, and whatever we think of.

Minutes – 10/21/08

-LAN Party: made about $150, great success! music/strobes/disco ball was
great effect. Projectors were successful as well. We ended up using a
third one upstairs. We should start doing it more frequently. It is
reasonable to estimate that we could make at least $100 per party. We
discussed publicity ideas that worked and some we could use in the future.
-Chetan’s project: volunteer-run community resource center where people
can come to learn about technology, drop off old electronics, volunteer to
repair or fix computers/electronics, etc. Focus is on teaching the general
public about common electronics around them.
-Sustainability Day: We need people to table from 10am to 3pm on Ho Plaza.
Please come when you can!
-Energy fair: 11am to 2pm in Barton Hall, Monda,(October 27). Skorton will
be speaking from 12pm to 1pm. Can anyone table? If so, tell Kelly.
-Kevin is now webMASTER.
-Storage space: we discovered potential storage space in the haunted
basement of Stimson and some rooms in Rhodes hall. We should look into
contacting a building coordinator or something.
-Microfinance club is sponsoring a 5k.

Minutes – 10/15/08

– Oct. 23rd – Dinner with Kathy Padilla at Appel, founder of Zambian orphanage we sent computers to. Need 3-4 people to go.
– Oct. 24th – Dean of Faculty’s wife is hosting a dinner at her house with big shots. Need good schmoozers to sell our club.
– Alejandro wants 10 computers for women’s center and library in Nicaragua, with the hope that Cornellians (ie us) will come down and teach there.
– Meeting with Alej’s walking suit/alumni that made it rain to the tune of $5000 on his club hopefully by the end of this month.
– Shipment to Anbar University is held up by DHL’s exorbitant prices ($697/box * 40 boxes). Shifting responsibility to Marines to getting it to Baghdad (they’ll handle it from there).
– Al’s speech to 2000 people: had to give CIT undue credit for donating more computers than they actually did.
– ITRA’s tax exempt status is ready to go pending approval.
– Babbage’s is closing 🙁
– How to donate textbooks to Liberia?
– Energy fair: any willing to man table in Bartels on Oct. 27?
– Sustainability fair: Oct. 22nd. Anyone willing to man? Good food last year.
LAN Party To-Do List
– HYPE IT UP!!!!
– Kevin: Go to Gamespot on Friday at Appel and drop ad.
– Ben: Mass e-mail the listservs.
– People w/posters: Make all of it disappear by Friday. Post over posters if you have to; every little bit helps. Duffield is off-limits (we get fined).
– Steve: Bring Xbox 360 + Halo 3 + Rock Band + 3 controllers + 2 guitars
– Matt: Bring one more Xbox 360 + Halo 3 + more controllers
– Rob: Bring Wii + controllers
– Dave: Bring SSB Brawl + controllers
– Ben and Andrew: Buy stuff at Wegmans
– Andrew: Bring boombox and novelty lighting
– Ben: Burn party mix CD/hook up iPod
– Everyone: Come at 7 PM to set up, bring headphones

Minutes – 10/07/08

Computer Request

Calvary Baptist Church

Looking for 5-10 computers with lots of Software

Liberian Orphanage…lets ship to them (we just want some details first)

LAN party

We have one poster, and Steve can fix up/make the second one

Points system: people earn points for games one, and eventually if they come to

enough LAN parties/earn enough points they get rewards

Get email addresses for future advertising

We need to print ~200 posters and distribute them

Food donations/Food in general…let’s have it

Webspace – Kevin is on it

XBOX 360

-Al, David, Steve, Matt?

-lots of controllers…room vs room game

-router + 100ft. cable…from Ben/Andrew’s House


-Rob, Steve?