Minutes – 09/30/08

Agenda (quick n’ dirty):
-BAJA team: Terence will send Dave the specs of the computers.
-Ali: we’re going to swap his computer.
-Liberia orphanage: we need more information about this request (i.e. name
of orphanage) also, we need them to fill out a application
-ABNETA: We decided to send them computers in installments (start out with
10-15 machines) They also need to fill out an application.
Processing Computers:
-Do any new members want to learn how to process computers? Contact Terence.
-Kevin has volunteered to become the webmaster
Sustainability Day:
-10/22/08 10am to 3pm: We will request half a table. Also, need to make
quarter cards (or anything smaller than newsletters)
-We’ll sign up for shifts later
Approaching Microsoft:
-Might not work because Microsoft doesn’t donate to organizations that
refurbish computers and donate them… which is what we do.
LAN Party:
-The master disc is ready except for Frozen Throne. As soon as we get a
physical copy of Frozen Throne the master discs can be made.
-Posters: Steve and Kevin both made posters. They will send their drafts
out on the listserv tonight. Printing is not a problem.
-Kevin will make a banner (big” x big”) to hang up outside of Stimson
-Nastro will make the facebook group around 10/11
-Headphones: We decided not to invest in headphones at this time. Instead,
we will tell guests to bring their own headphones.
-Xbox/wii: need to confirm we can these systems
-Send emails out to potential clubs. Ben drafted a generic letter.
That’s all for now.

Minutes – 09/23/08

-New donation requests:
ABNETA, an African agricultural organization. They need computers for
their scientists. They also have funds to ship about 75 to 100 computers.
We decided we could only afford to give 15-20 computers.
BAJA club, an engineering club on campus. They only need one computer with
sort of high requirements. We’re going to give them whatever we have.
-Giving Ali a gateway on Thursday
-Newsflash: articles in the Chronicle and a library publication will be
run about our Iraq shipment in about a week. This should be big for
-Planning for LAN party on Oct 18, 2008. This is the week after fall
break. DDR club is not able to cosponsor. We’re still looking for an xbox
and/or wii. Also, we still need to make master discs. Games: COD4,
Starcraft, Brute Wars, Warcraft. To make the atmosphere more appealing
we’re going to have strobe lights, disco balls, and project a computer on
observer mode on the screen. Also need not stale food. Possibilities:
water bottles, gushers, etc.
-Webspace: We need to update it. Perhaps change the whole layout. Also,
we’re going to create a new online application for donation requests.
-We found a analogous organization at UPenn:
we’re going to contact them.

Minutes – 09/16/08

-Planning for LAN party on October 18th. We’re going to contact DDR club
to cosponser the event. Nastro bought a disco ball, strobe lights, and a
fog machine. Game on.
Things to be done:
1. Make master discs of all the games. This will be done next week during
the meeting.
2. Contact DDR club. Kevin’s fraternity brother is the president of the club.
3. Publicity! Put up posters all over the engineering quad and computer
labs. Contact previous gamers who came to our events. Listservs: email all
presidents of clubs might be interested. Word-of-mouth is probably our
best option.
4. Acquire a wii and xbox. Does anyone have the hookups?
5. Food- options: Sara Pines, Pizza, small packaged snacks. Maybe award
food to winners of games.
-Registering for webspace.
-New meeting time? Any suggestions?
-Liberia shipment- status: shipped.
-Iraq shipment- status: still need to pack 10 more computers. Waiting for
Capt. Parment to get back from R&R
-Anyone interested in learning about the non-profit stuff talk to Ben.
*HOMEWORK: Find clubs that we can invite to our LAN party and send list of
club name and contact info to Ben.*
Meeting adjourned.