Minutes – 07/22/08

Hey all –
Upcoming dates to remember:
TOMORROW – 6pm, Upson: help Al unload 27 monitors from his car
AUGUST 2 – 11am, Upson: pack for the Ghana shipment
Immediately – begin processing computers for the Ghana and Iraq shipments
– the shipment to Cuttington College has finally landed in Liberia!
– the Iraq shipment seems to be coming along nicely; Al has a contact
from the Sustainability Group who may help us ship the computers to
Anbar through the military. Seems like this is going to be a pretty
high profile shipment- more details to come soon!
– We’ve received an application from Trumansburg High School for
computers for their science labs.
General Member Tasks:
– Create a database to keep track of our funding more closely
– Look into CATS (Capital Asset Transfer…?) through Cornell to see
if we can get any computers from there
– Create a list of important contacts who may be able to help us with
shipping, publicity, funding, etc in the future (ie. Asylum Writers
Program, Sustainability folks, etc)
Specific Task Reminders:
– Enter recently processed computers into database – Sunhye?
– Email newly created application to listserv – Sunhye
– Edit/ Print poster for club fair in August – Al will email to listserv
– Write Summer Newsletter – Liz
– Computer Users Manual – Asad
– Compile list of free online classes – Matty
Hope to see some of you at the dates listed above, and enjoy the rest
of your summers!

Minutes – 07/01/08

We had a brief meeting today: 4 members present
update newsletter: facebook Michelle D’Agrosa to ask for original
publisher files (done), Sunhye will convert into info sheet
compile list of free courses at universities like MIT, Harvard,
Stanford, etc… Matty
brainstorm what kind of information to put on guide for computer users – Asad
summer newsletter – Elizabeth
When we get a bit more organized, we had the idea of each project
manager creating a progress report at the end of each project with all
the normal information (organization, contact info, # of computers,
which computers, shipment date) as well as any problems we encountered
in arranging the shipment or complaints thereafter. This is definitely
a future plan but it’s something we should keep in mind.
Next meeting time: TBD