Minutes – 06/25/08

Hey all–
I hope you’re having a wonderful summer. Here are the minutes for today’s meeting:
4 members present

1. Our removal to Upson is almost complete. This is a step up because there is a loading dock

2. All warehouse items are being moved out to various storage places by Friday, some cpus will be sold to Babbages to cut down on the numbers we have to move.

3. TEEAL program is a Cornell program that we have unknowingly been working with when we sent computers to the library at the Vet School in Afghanistan. We recently became aware of our co-partnership and they asked us to donate computers to Iraq.

4. 20 cpus from the library- some will be stored with the Outward Bound program until we have our warehouse space sorted out

5. Al will be picking up ~20 cpus from the Corning library tomorrow

6. next shipment: Ghana- on hold till the middle of July until the driver to NYC gets his driver’s license, these machines need to be processed and are sitting in the TL office in Upson

7. Iraq shipment (see point 3) – will probably be up and coming since the military is involved

8. Cornell Asylum Writers program- we have donated laptops to a couple from China, a woman from Swaziland, a guy from the former Soviet Republic of Georgia (has become a key ally who has ties with Skorton and is willing to help us with fundraising etc)

9. finishing up the Kabul shipment  (13 left) — FINALLY!

10. mailing parts to Andrew in Northern Tanzania (his computer was broken when he received it) by the end of the week

11. summer fundraising? possible LAN party with PREPARE?

11. Saturday at 10:30am Upson B6 – learn how to process/ fix computers – come if you’re here in Ithaca! It shouldn’t take too long.

TO DO LIST for the summer:

  • open google docs to everyone and manage it – Terence?
  • update inventory database
  • keep all applications for future donations
  • catalog all previous shipments, WIPs (make a sheet) – Liz
  • update application for donation request
  • print hard copies of applications – Asad
  • new summer newsletter – Liz
  • convert old newsletter to info sheet (with new officer names, etc)
  • make a list of free university courses on each computer
  • guide to how to manage computers on each computer