Minutes – 04/29/08

Last minutes of the year :*(
Thanks for the memories, thanks for the love, thanks for the COD4….
Members Present: 15
1. Elections:
Here are the 2008-2009 positions:
President: Ben Honig
Secretary: Asad Qadir  (you’ve got a lot to live up to sonny)
Treasurer: Andrew Nastro
Organizational Chairs: Terence Leung, & Kevin Tse
Congrats all!
2. LAN Party
– Miscommunication…yikes ->everything is all cleared up though
-Lesson learned – bad date…bad weather…bad asian night…oh wells at least we made fitty bucks.
-Thoughts for next time: Music, headphones, speakers, kick out people trying to learn (looooosers).  DDR? Guitar hero?
-Apply for video game consoles, projectors?
3.CCRA dealings
-Ghana students – 15-20. We’re committed on this
-Kabul: going out next week. Huzzah.
-Opportunity: send computers to the Sudan. They want to make a documentary of us prepping the comps and sending them away.  After she wants to film the computers being transported and received.
-Rwanda, Kenya, South Africa – shipments much? joy
5. MIT feedback:
-Woman wants to send computers to ghana
-another group wants to form a group like ours.
-We’re getting a van!!!!!!!
4. Summer work:
-Reformatting in june.
Its been a pleasure secretaritizing for all of you this year.  beunos noches.

Minutes – 04/15/08

1. The Lan is still on for April 26
-Games include SC, WC3, COD4 and counterstrike.
-The Ghana group is helping us out and said they would like to assist with advertising.
2. MIT is this weekend, via Al’s car.  We still need a banner/poster for it, but Al’s new CCC HQ has big printing machines. Sweet
3.  Dealing with officers has been postponed until next week.  It looks like we’re going with the eboard concept?
5. (i just found this out) I actually know the kid writing the sun article.  He asked me if he could interview me tonight, and interview others tomorrow.  Like Liz said, the article is going to be in the Sun on Thursday!
8. Fixing up our logo has become a long and zany process.  Its still a work in progress.

Minutes – 04/08/08

Hey Gang,
Members present: 10
1. Pan African Scholars – “GhanaLan 2008”
-Lan party to support a Ghana shipment? Upson only.
-We should get a contact list of people who showed up last time, to get them to return for the next part.
-Other fund raising options: house party?  Kelly’s house?  Squirrels HAVE died in despair there….
-Possible date for the Lan: 4/26
-Our role will be primarily that of advertisement and food bringage.
2.Ministry of Sudan issue.
-Local film maker wants to make a documentary of the shipment traveling its route.  Moderately awesome.
3. Rwanda – 10 computers, no shipping costs. Sounds like a deal.
4. Supplies/Slideshow/Banner/Poster for MIT.
-Liz took some great pictures of CCRA results for posters.
-Show Alejandro’s video (Al’s got the link).
-Other things we need: thank you notes, etc.
-We have until the 18th.
-Transportation – The Al-Mobile!
-Cloth banner….we need a logo?!
5. Elections.
-Liz suggested that we may need an organizational chair to centralize things more?
-Would an E-board be a better idea, since we all sort of mix and match what we do?
-Liz is going to refer to me for now on!
-Project teams – we would like to use google accounts to post update.
For meetings, people can choose to work into them.
-Voting is in two weeks.  Anyone can run for any position, all positions are open. (Secretary, Treasurer, President?)
6.Kabul Shipment
-The shipment is on hold right now, but should be sent out in mid may!
This includes 19 computers, 1 flatscreen.
Happy birthday Al’s wife!!!!!

Minutes – 04/01/08

Hey all,
Bad news…the higher ups at Cornell have decided our club doesn’t fit within University standards and guidelines.  We have been ordered a cease and desist notice, and will no longer be functioning on campus.
April Fools,
Ok here’s the agenda:
Members present: 10
1) MIT summit decision:
-We would need to register for the summit.
-Tentative members going: Luke, Kevin, Kelly, Al, Pui Yan, Matt (?), Terence (?).
-What would we do: meet people, listen to presentations, hype up CCRA.
-What would we need:  Cloth poster/banner, bring computer to take apart and show how we do it, slide show, handouts.
-Departure time:  Later afternoon Friday?  Car is much cheaper than a van.
2) Sun article
-Sae is trying to get us an article.
-A sun writer spoke about how Skorton wasn’t showing the love to a group who donated to Nicaragua (hint hint?).
-Skorton needs to hype up the concept of computer reuse to the other ivies.
3) We needs moneys!
-Banking is rough unless we’re a nonprofit.
-Making a bank account would require a minimum balance.
-We currently have $174 in our budget.
-Nonprofit status – within the end of the year hopefully.
4) Aid events:
-Tomorrow (4/2) – How to get skorton allied with student groups 5:00pm.
-Thursday: Alejandro aid event.  5:00pm
-We may be eligible to be part of the African Initiative.  Sustainability movement members want to get us “into skorton’s” office.
-aka we rule.
-Tabling for Earth Day.  What days are they? TBA.  Those not at MIT can work tables for Earth Day.
peace out yall