Minutes – 03/25/08

Attendance (14.5 members present): Al, Terence, Pui Yan, Dave,
Elizabeth, Kevin, Asad, Sae, Steve, Kelly, Luke, Kyle, Diane, Andrew,
Matt (sorta)
1) Good news: Al is on the advisory committee of the Green Purchasing
task force, 2nd in Command, Lt General
Bad news: Matt is still a punk. Snuck out of the meeting early to find
babies to eat
2) We are up for charitable donations, and people keep asking us for computers
On the Agenda:
-Packing for Kabul and Dar Es Saleem
-Lan Party
3) Lan Party this Saturday
-need to work on advertising (Action Item for ?)
-need to hit Sara Pines up for food (Action Item for Pui Yan)
-Ask for netIDs of attendees to invite them to future parties
-Actually award a gift certificate this time
-Create a lab package for games, using Stimson and Upson (Action Item for Al)
-Lan party games: WC3, Starcraft, and Call of Duty 4
-Find a time to install the games, Saturday at noon? (Action Item for
Al and Kelly)
-Lan party time: 7pm-3am?
4) MIT conference:
-Need to email them back, ask for more details (Action Item for Pui Yan)
-Possibly able to crash at House of Chan
5) Kabul Shipment:
-We can send out 10 boxes per week through the State Dept, we have a total of 50
-Need to get Sun coverage
6) Packing for Dar Es Saleem Tomorrow at 2:30; be there if you can
End time — 5:24pm

Minutes – 03/11/08

Sup everybody,
Members present: 11
1. Dar Es Salaam + Kabul
-Dar = published widely across campus, due to Skorton’s love of Africa support
-Provost office for international relations = supporting us.
2. Yikes…we’re almost out of computers.
3. Food for Lan?
– Sat. March 29th
-Stimson and Upson
-Pre-install is AOK
-Call of duty 4?
-War3, CS
3. Kelly is late, as usual.
4. Poster for the lan
-Any takers to help it?
-everyone help advertise!
5. New Club poster
-We need to set aside a day: Next processing party.
-March 24-  Set up for meeting and create poster
Have a fun spring break everybody