Minutes – 02/26/08

Hi all,
Here are the minutes:
Attendance: Asad, Matt, David, Ben, Kelly, Dianne, Kyle
Guest: Alejandro
1) Matt is a douche
-Accidentally deleted the minutes, so now Kelly is writing it.
2) Alejandro showed up
-We watched the video of Centro del something together
-Will send us pictures of the computers in use
-DID NOT present us with the certificate. I think he wants Al to be
here for when he presents it
-Will come back next week
-Possibly coming back with someone else too (a person that was in the video)
3) South Africa is all set
-Yunus using his mad connections to get things taken care of
-Told us, “Let us worry about it now.” Faschizzle.
4) Local donations
-We need to prioritize local donations; start tallying who needs what
-Thus far, only one local organization has done everything legitly, ie
filled out the forms
-We should keep better track of donations now that we are going to be
a real non-profit, in case we get audited. This should be easier to do
with local donations; get them to fill out the forms and keep track of
where everything went. Start digitizing data.
-Kelly requested a machine for the fire department, since the one at
the firehouse is dying.
5) Fire inspection
-Please beware of our set-up when we are processing computers. The
Ithaca Fire Department came in to do an inspection of G27 and found a
violation–an extension cord plugged into another extension cord.
-Kelly knows some firefighters in their department and joked around
with them. They said about the violation: “well, as long as it doesn’t
happen too often.”
-Moral of the story: when we are doing mass processing, avoid plugging
extension cord to extension cord, or if we do, make sure that the door
is closed.
6) Non-profit Status
-Need to cough-up $200 for the non-profit processing fee
-Ben’s suggestion: Each member donates $5, then take the rest out from
our treasury
7) More cupcake sales
-As we know, the last cupcake sale was a bust
-Future sales: Have pictures of the orphans we helped at our table
-Strategically hold the sales in places where we can blow the
competition out of the water, ie Duffield and Noyes
8) We didn’t have cupcakes at the meeting

Minutes – 02/19/08

Hi All
Cupcake sale is tomorrow from 5-7.
-We have 3 large cheesecakes, and 100 muffins.
$3.00 Cheesecake, $1.00 muffins.
Adjust prices as we see fit.
-We need forks and knives.
-Please show up any time from 5-7
-We need a price list/sign for the program.  We will set up a whiteboard out front.
-We also need to update the newsletter for the bake sale.
-Dave’s spot:
Learning organization sent in an application for comps.
-How do we want to give away computers?
We have the least number that we’ve ever had.
So far only one organization has sent in an application.
-Cornell Junior:
Never had a computer before…he’s an engineer.
-CCRA Retreat:
Keep it in mind…coming soon to a computer reuse organization near you.
-More Computers?:
Al’s contacts – offered computers
Personal contacts, etc
What to do: we need to draft a letter that can be sent out to familiar organizations and groups regarding computer requests.
Ideas? Funding? Logos?
Student wants us to pay for the American leg of a shipment.  We would like to support them.  Several hundred dollars?
-Shipment en route to South Africa = on wood pallets…bad news bears.
Al has a new boss…we might be getting kicked out of Stimson.  Stay frosty.
-What celebrities could we write to that would endorse us once our status is pending?
Al Gore
Paul McCartney
Snoop Dog
Whoopi Goldberg
George Clooney
Vin Diesal
-Zambian Children’s Fund
Went to an event 2 weekends ago where all of the Ithaca aid groups had a jamboree.  Hopefully those groups will write to us soon.
-Ivy Sustainability Summit is in April
-How do we network and become larger?
Get involved with student sustainability event, get more involved with other groups etc.

Minutes – 02/12/08

Hello mates, here are your minutes for today:
Places that want computers in Ithaca:
Women’s Center
Learning Web
Drop in Childrens’ Center
Tompkins Work Force – NY
Dave is going to email all of them to give them a computer application.
Uganda – 15 computers, 2 laptops, and 1 scanner
Al – are we going to need frozen cupcakes or can we get them fresh for sure that day?
More Comps:
New shipment from architects have arrived. Are we still in a shortage?
Non Profit:
Forms sent to Ben’s dad’s law firm.  Should be sent out in a week or two.  Its out of our hands now, and we’ll hear back in a few months.
AQ’s proposition:
CCRA bonding retreat in….THE CAVE!!!!!
Any thoughts?