Minutes – 01/22/08

Welcome back all, heres the agenda for today:
-Teachers without borders:
Want 40 computers for rural schools in South Africa.
Fun Fact: The last shipment of computers to one school system in SA
increased enrollment by 300 people. Awesome.
On hold for now so that the new vet college president will be there for
the shipment.
-Liberia shipments:
One is on the way, another is in a warehouse waiting to go.  Everything
should be there by March, cool!
-Next big local event: Partnership with the Youth Bureau
Want computers to refurbish with students and to give to them.
-Covenant Love School: giving them computers.
-Costa Rica: One computer.
-Tax exempt status:
Mission statement en route.  Further progress will be relayed to us by Ben.
-Palestinian computers/Gaza Strip via Teachers w/o borders.
Can we send stuff there without politcal backlash?
-Computers to Rwanda? How do we feel?
-Sustainability summit:
Want to get other Ivy’s involved through this summit.
Al’s vision may be coming true!
Whats next?
40 computers to South Africa next friday.  They need to be packed and
Important Dates:
Saturday (1/26) @ 11:00 AM Processing day