Minutes – 11/06/07

– Packing day THIS Saturday.
12noon in G27 🙂
– This Is Why We’re Hot “Social” *cough*
2 Student Organizations, 1 Cause: To Save The World
Nov 17  (more details to come)
$5 cover for fundraising
Bring all your friends!
(all the profits go to CCRA!!!)
Reinvesting our money:
– sell cupcakes?  (Ppl seem to like cupcakes more than donuts actually)
– free cupcake mix, reuse table that Cornell owes us?
– free pinic table infront of Trillium?
– ISSA: President to lend help for next LAN party
– TBA wants to recruit Cornell students to teach
– Nonprofit name! International Technology Reuse Assoc (ITRA)
– Paper newsletters need to go out.