Minutes – 10/30/07

Zambian Children’s’ Fund –
-Thank you for joining us today Louise!
Zambia – 1 mil children who are orphans due to aids.
-Lowest life expectancy in the world.
-Middle age group has died out due to AIDS
-The orphanage houses about 40 children full times, and provides food and schooling.
In the past, we have sent laptops over with aid workers.
-Send computer-education related software.
-Math games/education games
Other commitments –
-Nicaragua Community Center  – shipment in 2 weeks
-Liberia partnership – on hold for now, but there may be a container coming soon that we can jump on board with.
-Teachers without borders – wants 40 computers
-Suicide and Crisis prevention  – 20 computers
-Village at Ithaca – work with them to donate our older 800 mghz.
Boxing for Nicaragua –
What day?
GET BOXES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Weird stuff last Friday –
Lesson learned: Old women are scary.
Hillary Clinton –
Its on… BUT.. now it has expanded beyond Cornell…..boo (3 schools instead of one).
damn you slippery rocks….damn you.
Shipment will go in February, not next week

Minutes – 10/24/07

1) Counterstrike:
Dave obviously cheats, AQ is trigger happy
2)What to do with LAN money?:
Option: Reinvest, to purchase more products to sell.
Suggestion: Krispy Kream Donuts
3)More LAN parties:
A possible idea might be to throw more LANS, as suggest by Rob.  Ideally this would have to be no more than once a month, because we don’t want people to get sick of them.  Any thoughts?
4) Nonprofit name:
Tentatively “International Computer Reuse Association” (aka ICRA).  Any objections or other suggestions?
Stay dry folks


Minutes – 10/16/07

Hello everyone,

I hope everyone’s tests and other activities went well today. Here’s what happened at the meeting.
We’ve got free food ready for the LAN. No worries. Continue inviting your friends!

Meet at Stimson at 6pm on Saturday to make sure the computers are up and working. We will be having shifts to watch over the labs during the time people are playing. Responsibilities will include collecting money, putting out a donations box, settling conflicts and selling food. The times for the LAN party are 8pm to late at night, so please tell us what times you would be available to help out.

Brainstorm ideas for names of the non-profit organization. Make sure the name doesn’t include Cornell and try not to make it sound limited to the Ithaca area.


Minutes – 10/02/07

Good day all,
Lan Party:
October 20th 8pm-12am
Test day October 13(?),
What needs to be done: decide on games, make posters, finalize
Games tentative: Starcraft, warcraft 3, counterstrike, halo
Labs (tentative): Stimson (g25/g27), Dickson
Prizes: No more thatn 30-50 dollars worth
Extra money options:  Probably no food, but serve drinks for a dollar
West african center for crop improvement.
Can we jump on board with that and send computers over?
What to do: Try to get in contact with members of WACCI.
Nonprofit info:
Disadvantage: involves paperwork (contact gov’t offices etc.)
1) Need a name – If we drop “Cornell” from the name, there will be fewer hoops to jump through.  No domain on the internet can exist with that name, can’t exist on the net.
2)Networksolutions.com check the trademark database
3)Write a letter to the secretary of state.
4)Mission statement  – 1-4 sentences saying what we’re doing.
5)Choose board members – we’re no longer liable as people for problems.  The corporation itself becomes an entity.
6)File documents – write the bylaws (detailed version of the mission statement).
7) Articles of Corporation
8)Federal employer identification number (EIN) – Useful if we need to hire employees (probably not).  Helps with 501C3 status (useful to get donations).
9)Open up a bank account in the name of the nonprofit group.
10)Solicitation license – legal way to ask for money.
11)Mail permit from a post office – send out bulk mail for cheaper (discount etc.).  We can still do mailing through cornell
The benefits of a join Cornell club + nonprofit corporation allows us to utilize the benefit of both statuses.  No legal issues known so far.
Mission Statement:
Dave’s spot:
AAAF and AXP want computers.
Hillary Clinton:
Cornell has a lobbyist in Washington, who wants to help us out.  This would give us money from the government, and would give us crazy attention.  Cornell would LOVE<3 this.  To prepare for this, we need newsletters out, websites updated, and meet with bigshots.