Minutes – 09/25/07

Fund raising:
-Serious consideration – Email Michael Dell.
-What we need to do? – Advertise the fact that we are sticking Dell’s name on everything we’re sending out.
-Suggestion: Write an official letter.  Send letters to world wide and US corporate headquarters.  Write it on official Cornell stationary.
-Next step: We need to get possession of some Cornell letterhead paper.
Nonprofit status:
-How do we become a club and be non-profit at the same time?
-What will this do? – donations will be tax deductible etc.  It will also make us look “official”
-Next step: Ben is looking into it?
Problems in Africa:
-Just when you thought things were bad….flooding is happening, destroying food, homes and ruining the harvest.  This is the worst flooding in modern history.
Lan Partay!
-Serious short term fund raising
-Hypothetical lan party. What would we do? – Book computer labs, advertise, charge 10 dollars for admission. choose a game (wolfenstein etc?)
-Advertising: use labs to advertise, chalk, fliers, Denise Cassaro.
-Catch? – Sell food? Sell drinks?  offer a gift card to EB to highest scorers?
-Possible labs: Stimpson, Dickson, Upson, (thats 50+ computers)
-Possible times? – Saturday night…October 20.
-Test run: ?
-Games – (Counterstrike, Starcraft, Wolfenstein Enemy territory, Halo 1)
Ho Plaza fundraising?
-Just sit there with a jar and collect?
Next big shipment:
Tijuana  – wants 40 computers…yikes!

Minutes – 09/18/07

Topics of discussion:
Updating the newsletter:
The newsletter hasn’t been updated since May, and a lot of the facts are wrong.  We need EVERYTHING on there for when we send it to the president, and the head of CIT.
Liberia Situation:
1990’s – Taylor takes over Liberia, sets up oppressive police state, gets illegal diamond money, massacres Sera Leone (sp?), starts a civil war.  Clinton does nothing.  Jesse Jackson is a jerk.  Clinton continues to ignore Liberia.  Money for 9/11 comes from Liberia (Al Qaida etc.).  Bush stops diamond from Liberia & angers Al Qaida.  Britain + Nigerians invade Sera Leone, and stops slaughter there.  Bush ends Liberian civil war.  None of this is in the media.  Liberia is a wreck, no democracy, 85% unemployment,.
LONG STORY SHORT: We should donate computers to them (orphanage and universities).
HOW MUCH TO RAISE:  ~~$2400.  Apply for a local Ithaca grant?  Due date = 10/12
Nonprofit Status:
Its official!  We’re a nonprofit organization.  Hooray!
Next steps: Ability to give tax breaks? Advertising?
Talking to the peace corps/Denton Fund (Navy):
Navy: Get equipment to the East coast, and could be used for shipping.  We need to contact/hash out details
Peace Corps: Same deal, they have planes. we need them,
-Rock candy for Liberia?
-Provide a service? (anti spyware/repair station)
-Ask Bill Gates!!!!!!!
-Contact Dell
-Donation auction
Call around:
We need to contact people around the greather Ithaca area, and see if they need stuff.
Other askers:
-Nicaragua pt. 2
-Ithaca High School
-The Village at Ithaca scholarship program.
-Ghana (ask campus store for typing software)
JOIN THE FORUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Minutes – 09/11/07

CCFC will not fund us because we are a volunteer group.  Ideas?
Everybody join the forum so we can discuss issues and donations online.
SIGN UP!@@32$!@
Publicity Chair:
Congratulations to Liz Lee…..she is our new publicity chair
GIAC needs help because the lab that they set up for themselves is falling apart.  Al will give us potential times.
Packing day for Brooklyn:
Thursday @ 4:30.  Computers need to be shipped out Friday.
Long term – GHANA:
Ghana wants 25 computers.  We need to address this at the next meeting.
The bottom line:

Minutes – 09/04/07

Hey everybody, here are the topics from todays meeting:
New member introductions:
Welcome all! (Thanks andri…).
Meeting times:
When do we want meetings this year? Impossible days: Monday, Wednesday, Friday.
Projected time: 4:30pm on Tuesdays.
We packed 17 computers/mice/power cords/keyboards. We need 20 monitors packed and 3 more computers by Friday, 9/7 for a total of 20 units in the shipment. We need more boxes from Al.
PACKING DAY: Thursday at 4:30pm.
We need $520 to send a shipment to Liberia!
Fundraising ideas: Ho plaza action? LAN party? Popsicles (again)? Bash a monitor?
Thursday 9/6 4:30 packing
Tuesday 9/11 4:30 meeting