Minutes – 04/30/07

Hi everyone,
Thanks for coming to our last meeting of the semester! Here are the minutes:
– Semester Summary:
Jamaica- 20 PCs
Kenya’s UNESCO office- 4
Zambia- 10
South Africa- 60
Mali- 10
GIAC- 14 PCs, 2 printers
Ithaca HS- 6
South Side computer center- 2
Immaculate Conception School- 12
Babbages- 30 Macs
– We won’t be coordinating anything with the Dump n Run because they are
already affiliated with Babbages.
– We need to obtain a new account for a ccra@cornell.edu web address, but
this requires obtaining administrative approval.
– We need to look into scholarships for next year for local graduating
seniors who can’t afford new computers.
– We will be needing LOTS of quarter cards for orientation week since
there are 1200 mailboxes in RPCC and 1300 mailboxes in Appel.
– Publicity committee needs to look into getting a table for next year’s
– We will be having a FUNdraiser next week selling frozen fruit bars, so
keep an hour or two free in your schedule to do this and keep an eye out
for a sign up sheet in your inbox.
– We need to send out thank you letters to everyone who has donated or
helped us donate computers this year! This includes Zaks Lubin, who
started the club, and Dean at the warehouse who gave us free stuff.
– Elections were held and the new officers are:
Head Coordinator/Webmaster- Pui Yan
Donations Coordinator- David Her
Administrative Coordinator- Saehan Lee
Volunteer coordinator- Asad Qadi
Publicity Chair- Danny
Treasurer- Terence Leung
Secretary- Matt Valente
Thanks for a great semester everyone!

Minutes – 04/24/07

Hi everyone,
We had a great meeting last night with some new faces. Here are the minutes:
– We had a great turnout at the party and raised about $350. Thanks to
everyone who came and brought their friends, and making the party such a
– We will be packing on Friday at 2 pm in Stimpson G27 for the shipment to
Jamaica, which is on Monday April 30.
– Elections will be held next monday, and I will send out a revised
constitution with all the officers duties. If you would like to run for an
officer position for next year please read this and be prepared to make a
brief spiel about why you think you would be a good candidate for the
position. Everyone is encouraged to run for a position, even if you are
brand new! We just started this club this year, so we all are figuring out
the right direction for this club step by step. Experience is not a factor
in who would make a good candidate, but motivation and especially
dedication are.
– We will be having a fundraiser the last week of classes on Ho Plaza
selling frozen fruit bars. I will also send out a sign up sheet for next
week with the times blocked out as soon as we secure a table on Ho Plaza.
– the newsletter must be completed shortly, as our main mission is to send
it to Presiden Skorton to gain more backing from administration and
hopefully more press and money.
– We will let everyone know about more details on setting up the computers
for the Burmese refugees soon…
Thanks everyone for coming and see you on Friday for packing!

– Danielle

Minutes – 04/16/07

Hi everyone,
here are some things we discussed at today’s meeting:
– we have lots to prepare for this saturday night: send out facebook
invites and invite all your friends!!, burn CDs with reggae music, buy
drinks, solocit restaurants for a raffle prize.
– please arrive at 9 pm at 126 linden ave. If you have any questions call
631-375-8891 (Danielle’s phone number).
– april 30 is the shipping date, so we will be having a packing party soon.
– we need to finish the newsletter ASAP for the party, and we need the
poster for the party as well to make sure we are raising awareness about
the club and not just drinking.
– See you all on Saturday!!!!


Minutes – 04/10/07

Hi Everyone,
We had a great meeting last night and here are the highlights:
-We’ll be setting up a bank account at Tompkins Trust for all the
donations we will be getting.
– The newsletter is still a work in progress but it will be done by next
week and ready to send out by either email or snail mail.
– We now have a publicity committee- woohoo!- who will be handing out
quarter cards and hanging up posters. The club as a whole still needs to
promote the club in classes and bring more people to our meetings.
– There will be a Rum and Reggae party next friday to raise money for the
shipment to Miami. It will be in collegetown at 126 Linden Ave beginning
at 9PM and lasting all night. So, start telling your friends about it. It
will also be advertised on Facebook, so you can tell friends about it that
way…also Join the Facebook group.
– Our GIAC fundraiser is also a work in progress and hopefully Leslyn will
be attending our meeting next monday so we can work out the details.
– 20 computers and 20 monitors from a local business will be acquired
today, and we’ve received some computers from Day Hall.
– If anyone is free later this week, we will be going downtown to deliver
some computers to Burmese refugees. Pay attention to Al’s emails as he
will have more info on this.
– A packaging day will also probably be next weekend, and we will discuss
at next week’s meeting.
– we will be having a meeting next monday at 5:30PM in GS 162…be there
or be square.


Minutes – 04/03/07

Hi everyone,
So here are some updates from the meeting last night:
We have received so many e-mails asking for donations and to give donations that we need to create a new application for people to fill out about giving donations. This will be added to the website, and a new document will also be made to enquire about how many, what kind, the location of, and condition of all computers that will be donated to the club.
I spoke to Fritswa, and she went to the meeting for Slope Day to ask about selling food, but now she has to get clearance through Cornell Dining. Other fundraising ideas include an event with GIAC or a party at a bar.
There are keyboards to clean and printers to check so members feel free to go help out whenever you have free time! Also, if you have a car and a way to pick up computers let Al know.
Volunteers!!! Ask your professors to advertise our club or bring more friends to our next meeting.
We will be having a newsletter, as Michelle attached in an e-mail last night.
We are working on getting an article in the Sun, which will hopefully promote our upcoming fundraising event.
Taniqua will be looking into donating computers to schools in the Ithaca community, and our next step is going to be schools in NYC.
We will be having a meeting next Monday at 5:30 PM in GS 162. See you all there and have a good week!